William Creek to Farina Station ruins

We watched William Creek disappear in the mirrors and we waved to the film crew on the road and headed towards Farina Station. On the way we stopped at Coward Springs which has a thermal pool. Didn’t seem to be too thermal to us but we stopped for lunch and wandered the old homestead and engine man’s rooms before heading south along the track  
Engine mans cottage Coward Springs

Thermal spring

Rest break on the “track”

The Oodnadatta track Coward Springs

. We had been told about Farina and Gaz had done some research on it. Farina Station is actually in ruins with the last inhabitant leaving in the 1960’s who was in fact the post mistress. The place is being restored, not to original but to preserve what is there. A group of volunteers from all over Australia come in for 5 weeks each year to work around the ruins. Now we had heard on our travels about this incredible bakery at Farina and we were somewhat sceptical. It, however, turned out to be correct. For the 5 weeks, the volunteers are there the in the old underground bakers oven which is fired up and bread, pies, pasties and a number different of buns are baked daily. VERY nice produce and such a surprise as was Farina itself. The campgrounds were basic but great and well maintained with a “donkey” type hot water service. Another surprising thing is that everywhere is green which is very unusual out here. In fact, a local at Coober Pedy (40 years) could not recall it ever looking like this. We have been lucky to see this special time in the outback. We spent 2 nights in Farina, which was most enjoyable, and one that we would like to have extended. The sunsets were amazing and we loved this place. The flies were still in abundance but we have learnt to deal with them. The extent of the ruins is an indication of the size and comparative importance of this place.

Underground bakers oven

Farina ruins

Sunset over Farina

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