Oodnadatta – William creek

I must say the track was in very good condition given the amount of rain in the last month. The trip between Oodnadatta and William Creek was good and the amount of viewable ruins is incredible. The track follows the old Ghan rail line and the old telegraph route and so we stopped to photograph heaps of old ruins including buildings, bridges and other infrastructure. About 20kms out of William Creek we came across road works, which the water truck had just been across – and the heavens opened up.
Sunrise over William Creek
Space junk William Creek

 It used what little knowledge I possess to keep the car and trailer in a straight line and from there was very slow trip into William Creek. At William Creek the rain kept coming as we set up. I had visions of being at William Creek for some time, something I had joked about before we left home and seemed to be coming true. This may have not been such a bad thing as our neighbours were a group filming a motion picture “ Yellow cab to Darwin”. Life is always interesting. Next morning we rose to sunshine and the prospects of another good day. Warning if you are coming up this way the flies will pick you up and cart you away. They are very small but very annoying and have plagued us most of this trip. You can leave your food out, they won’t look at it, but have any bare skin, and the little buggers are in like flint. I must confess I needed a hobby (as I have a want on these trips) and have decided to grow a beard something, which is almost impossible for me. I feel it’s coming on nicely, a sentiment not shared by my fellow travelers who continue to laugh out quite loud when I mention it. I suggest that Di should purchase a beard comb for me at the earliest opportunity – her response was, well not sure she couldn’t stop laughing. How these outback locations survive is a story in its self. William creek is a pub, and restaurant (yes I kid you not) and a camp ground and that’s about it. I wish the pub could talk – the walls, ceiling and any vacant place is covered by bank notes (of all denominations) poems, stories, signatures various items of women’s clothes (mostly underwear). I shared a beer with Peter in the bar and perused the various items – its a crack up. I am beginning to love the quirky stuff out here and the people are just great. I know its not for everyone but if you want to learn and understand Australia you need to get out to these places.

Left overs from the Ghan

Old Ghan rail bridge

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