The end of the road – for now

Well we made it back home safe and sound as did all our fellow travellers with a hard disk full of photos for Di to choose from to scrap book (we still haven’t done last years expedition yet or New Zealand). There is no rush I will just have a look every now and then at our photos. This has been our second trip with Gaz and Shaz and Pete and Robyn’s first(hopefully they enjoyed the trip as much as we enjoyed having them along) and I think everyone enjoyed the company and the sights. Di and I certainly did. The sharing of some of the things we have seen, our thoughts and perceptions makes for interesting conversation (except when alcohol effects the lips then it’s weird). The trip has yet again given us a thirst for more adventures, an insight into the diversity of this great country and an appreciation of how harsh and difficult our predecessors had it to get us where we are today. I have talked endlessly to anyone who shows the slightest interest in our trip with the things we saw and did; hopefully I didn’t bore them too much.  I have been looking for a picture and words to sum up our trip and have selected these.
Quote from Gaz and Shaz  So, at the end of the day, the driving is over, I’ve gone as far West as I’ve ever been, made it to the edge of the outback, and copped a hint of what amazing scenery, history and natural beauty this part of Australia has to offer. Looking forward to tomorrow”
And the picture was a toss up between the wedge tails and Di’s sunrise but the sunrise won by a short half beak.
Next trip is in the planning and may be the Eyre Peninsular but first for us it’s back to work to earn the $$ to head off again.  There are also some more reno’s for the Janyce the Jayco but more of that another time. See ya on the road Di and Dave

Oh by the way for the Dougal watchers there are 14 starting from Day1 Bendigo to Renmark

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