Day 15 The road home Hawker to Renmark

Well it was up early today we wanted to try and catch the sunrise before we left. We managed this but it wasn’t as spectacular as yesterdays.

Sunrise over Hawker photo 1

Sunrise over Hawker photo 2

We have the packing up down to fine art now and it only takes us about 30 to 45 min to be ready for the road. Breakfast came and went and we rolled out of the Hawker van park about 8am which was the time we wanted to be on the road. First 15 minutes were ok from then on to Renmark we had rain, wind squalls, strong winds and more winds mostly either cross winds, head winds or front quarter. It was a shit of a trip; our little van is quite light so it got thrown around a bit which made my job a little harder. As a consequence there isn’t a lot to tell. We managed a break in the weather as we came into Morgan and got a picture of the “boot tree” which I guess is similar to the thong tree in Qld.

Boot tree north of Hawker

We followed Gaz and Shaz as far as Peterborough. They are heading to Mildura and had a bit further than us to travel so wanted to keep going. Tomorrow will be much of the same I think, we will drive from here (Renmark) to Bendigo. So our trip is all but over and with the weather we have had I can live with today. We have had a fantastic time all round and Gaz, Shaz, Pete and Robyn have been good company and we have shared many things on this journey. We are now starting the planning for the next one, maybe the Eyre Peninsular I have to get the fishing rod in on the next trip. So watch this space and come and join us if you dare. Life is too short to sit and wait. 

Sunset over Murray River Renmark

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