Perth – Day 10-11-12 – Wandering “Freo”

We wandered the streets of Freo for a few hours to day and of course coffee (rated at good to very good) at an Italian bar. There is a high Italian influence around here and suspect its from the early fishing industry days. The day was pretty informal and topped off with a visit to the Maritime museum, complete with full size submarine, which you can take a guided tour of. There are many full size exhibits including Australia II. 
Laura craft (time)
old buildings around Freo


Where’s Dougal

Wonderful wildlife in the Caravan Park
There is a lot of history here including many vessels that would have been around over the last century. “Dougal” had a ball and got into a bit of mischief. Included in the exhibits is a preserved “Mega mouth” shark, which are quite rare and was washed up on the beach here in the 70’s. It’s a fair size and the mouth would frighten shit out of you if you saw it coming at you. Not to worry though, their main diet is plankton, followed by humans (sorry just joking).

Next day was a quiet one, Gaz’z car was in for a service and we took Laura into Freo for some girl time with Di and Wendy. As much as I tried to get in touch with my feminine side I only ended up being the driver – but the girls had fun. Today’s coffee was Laura and Wendy’s choice (boutique Chocolate shop a bit like Coco blacks) – Rating very good plus (chocs were nice touch). After Gaz picked up his car his crew plus Wendy went north to Woolly Latte (craft shop) and the northern beaches. Di and I chilled, did a bit of maintenance and not much else. We have booked a cruise for Thursday which will take us out to the Dolphin’s, Sea lions and a few other things. Had to go in today to buy a bulk supply of sea sickness pills and we are also considering a night tour of the jail.

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