Day 13 Three Island tour (almost a familiar ring eh Gilligan)

Today, as said previously, we decided on a three island tour which left from Rockingham. The trip was only about an hour all up so nothing to huge but it was through a class A nature marine park. We meandered slowly down to Rockingham with plenty of time to spare. Gaz, Laura, Wendy and myself had elected to go with Di and Shaz sitting this one out. Three of the four intrepid explorers duely consumed travel calm each as we prepared. Laura really wanted to do a swim with the dolphins but it was a bit expensive and this would have been the first one of the season so we hoped a dolphin would appear during our trip. Our craft was about 30ft and had an able crew of two.
Shag rock


Bachelor Pad
View from Pt Peron cantilever lookout 

Perth by night

 The young girl doing the commentary was pretty good. The seas were calm with about a metre swell running as we headed out. The trip takes in Penguin Island, Shag rock and Seal Island and the crystal clear water was a magnificent back drop. We were not permitted to land on any of the islands due to the classification, although you can go on Penguin Island during certain times of the year. This was not one of those times, apparently it was “romancing time” on the island. Shag Island is also the home of an Osprey which has nested there for many years. We managed a glimpse of its head but it was keeping a low profile. Shag Rock also has the remnants of a petrified forest clearly visible above the water line. Seal rock is the home of 3 large male fur seals, apparently this is their summer pad where they prepare themselves for the rigours of the mating season. They appeared to be successful in their attempts from my vantage point. After the cruise we meandered back to Freo, stopping for a chip and potato cake lunch by the bay. Lunch was good, coffee in the morning was average.  As night fell we decided to head into Kings Park to try some night shots of the city – with varying degrees of success.

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