Day 9 Perth – We made it

We left Kalgoorlie about 8ish and decided that we would go straight to Perth. We had originally planned to head south from Southern Cross on a dirt road to Hyden and wave rock. It would have been around 200km of dirt, which, if we had our trailers instead of vans would have been ok but the rain had turned the roads to a bit like mush and our vans are not made for that sort of trip. So Perth here we come which meant about 650 kms trip for today. 


Old pub at Southern Cross
There is not much to report and the miles slipped by. The rain has helped bring the wildflowers out and we stopped many times to take photos. We stopped in at Southern Cross for lunch which was a quaint old place and the tea rooms a bit of a surprise. A few pies, sausage rolls and cakes later we were off again. The cakes cost around $2.00 and presented in little card trays, which probably cost more than the cost of the cake. Anyway we arrived in “Freo” (Western Australian for Fremantle).

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