Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta

Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta Track

Pink roadhouse Oodnadatta

Our start to the Oodnadatta track

We were up reasonably early today as we start the next leg of the journey all with all our fellow travellers here. Today’s leg was from Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta and was the first real off bitumen leg. We stocked up with a few supplies and headed to the start of the Oodnadatta Rd. First auspicious, moment we got separated from Peter – no mobile coverage and no response from the UHF. 10 minutes later with that sorted we head off with all roads open. We had done about 15 kms along this road the day before during our tour but it still surprised me with the condition of the road especially after the rain. It was surprising good and we could do 80 to 90 kph with no problems or concerns. Its about a 200 km run NE from Cooder Pedy to Oodnadatta and we arrived mid-afternoon after numerous (and I mean numerous) stops for pictures or photo opportunities. I had been keen to get to Oodnadatta as one of the iconic places in Australian folklore which I had read much about and the guy that sort of resurrected the place into a destination. I was disappointed, the place has been let to rundown since he was killed in a motor racing accident a few years back and didn’t live up to its press. I guess its had a bit of a chequered past and has been a lot of things, including an airbase during WWII. Anyway after a night’s sleep we then headed off on the real Oodnadatta track to William Creek. Its also about a 200 km leg.

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