Easter at Waranga Basin, Rushworth

The Easter break this year was an opportunity to try “Abby” out for the first time since she became ours. So Thursday Night we packed up and headed off. Gaza and Shaz came along and a new team decided to try DJ’s Tagalong Tours. Welcome to Faye and Wayne. It’s only a 50 minute drive for us so no stress really. The park turned out to be a bit of a surprise, a bit agricultural, but none the less it wasn’t a bad base. To make life even better Wayne had taken our boat across early in the week so we were set. Friday (being Good Friday) we advised the girls not to buy fish we were going to catch it (the look on the girls face said it all – unbelievers). Gaz, Laura and I headed out in the morning for a couple of hours and on our return the girls smirks were enough of a rebuke. Ah well we took solace in the fact we would redeem ourselves in the afternoon session (fingers crossed there would be no escape if we came back empty handed again!). During our fishing expeditions the girls relaxed and kicked back. Fay and Wayne went into Rushworth for a fund raiser for the Royal Children’s hospital so their day was a busy one, and Wayne missed our fishing exploits. At least he did not endure the “where’s all the fish boys” looks. The afternoon arrived and time to hit the water again – we were a little less cocky this time around, which was our mistake. Two hours and 17 redfin latter our male pride restored, we had hunted and gathered and provide for the tribe. 
The first success
To boot there were some pretty reasonable size fish in the creel and no carp. It took some time for the girls to believe we weren’t having a lend of them. Down side, we now had to clean and prepare our catch, We also attracted much attention from some of the rest of the park occupants.
On Saturday we decided to visit the local market and fair in Rushworth. The local Bendigo Community Bank and others sponsor the day’s activities. The local business also turned on the charm and we enjoyed a fantastic coffee at the Motofinish. The market had a wide variety of produce, goods and apparel for sale. Di found another handbag, handmade and unique so by her measure it was very successful. The Rushworth Historical guys seem to be a strong group and have a significant number of old traction engines, stationary engines etc in their collection. They have just resurrected an old road roller from a kids play ground and have managed to get it up and running and now forms part of their collection. After a pleasant morning we headed back to the park and organized our afternoon activities. Wayne and I fishing,, Gary snoozing and Laura, Shaz, Faye and Di chilling out. What can I say ANOTHER 7 nice fish to the tally. A happy hour or two and off to bed ah the life. Coffee, wine, damper and nibbles finished off a pretty good day all round.
One of the restored relics

From the playground to restoration

The Easter bunny  

Apparently local and a daily drive!
Sunday dawned and another nice day and today (I will not relate any more fishing tales) Gaza,Shaz and Laura headed for Shepparton to Ardmona and we headed for the old gold mining town of Whroo which is about 10kms out of Rushworth. There is very little left to see and we didn’t manage to get around all the areas of the old township. There are still quite a lot of mounds from the digging around the visitor centre and drives in and around the open cut. Di and I walked down into the open cut pit then took the walking trail part of which is an old drive through the hill. I am sure there is a lot of history and fascinating stories of this place and I found it a shame that there seems to be little information readily available or mud maps to guide you around. An opportunity lost for my mind. 
Entrance to the drive at bottom of
open cut – Whroo
From Whroo Di and I headed back to Rushworth for lunch and coffee. The Motofinish cafe attracted us again. An odd name and one which had me wondering but I have since discovered the owners actually restore and maintain historic motorcycles and the cafe is an adjunct to that. This of course would explain the motorcycle memorabilia and numerous motor bikes in the cafe area. Worth a look for the bikers in us. After lunch back to Waranga and a bit of a rest then more fishing.
Monday was our departure day but not our ordinary one this was very relaxed and casual. To say we were in no hurry to go our separate ways would be accurate but eventual packed and hooked up we said our good byes to Gaz, Shaz, Laura, Wayne and Faye and headed home. We had a great time and Wayne and Faye seemed to enjoy our company. Thanks to Wayne for organising the boat transport.

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