Day 9 St Helen’s, a drunk pig and the road home

Today is the last day in Tassie and we have to be in Devonport by 1630 to catch the boat home. Its about 240 kms of reasonable road and on the way our first port of call will be Pyengena to see  Priscilla the drinking pig. 

Apparently see enjoys a beer or two. When we arrived we could only see her bum but if that’s anything to go by she is one big pig. Her off spring and grand pigs, were also playfully running around. One wonders if they are the result of a big night on the town! The “Pub in Paddock” is the home Priscilla and family and is a quaint pub basically in the middle of a paddock surrounded by dairy properties. The only other building around is the cheese factory about 200 mtrs down the road. What can I say, great coffee, pretty good cheese and nice ambiance and the menu looked pretty damn good but its was too early for lunch for us. The rest of the trip was uneventful and we arrived at Devonport with time to spare. The only hiccup was we dragged the folding step for mum all the way around Tassie and left the bloody thing in the car park at Devenport. Annoying because it was a bloody good step. Ah well another journey ends for us. Until next time stay safe and see you in the road somewhere.    

The Pub in the Paddock

Priscilla’s offspring

Guess who

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