Tripping Time again

Ahh the time is nigh our next trip is close at hand so this weekend we had a bit of a teaser before we head off. Di and I along with Fay and Wayne went to Aysons Reserve for a spot of free camping. Aysons reserve for those that don’t know is the old Elmore Field Days site on the banks of the Campaspe River.

Our overnight trip served a couple of purposes 1) to give the van and the new tow tug a bit of a shake down and 2) to have a bit of a go at free camping. Both were successful but the bonus was we got to do a bit of fishing.

Fair to say we lost a bit of gear, some more than others (eh Wayne). Between us all I think we managed 4 carp and a juvenile yellow belly. Yellow belly returned to its home carp become fertiliser. Wendy dropped in on Sunday so the girls went into Elmore to the tea house whilst Wayne and I chilled. Di didn’t mind the free camping and is talking about a few mods to make free camping life a bit more enjoyable for us. So I guess you could say success all round. Interesting mix of accommodation (vans, motorhomes, converted buses etc) and people of course (and pets). Some had been here for months apparently. I’m not sure this helps in promoting free camping for the travelling wilbury’s (not ready for grey nomads yet). Anyway if you want a good weekend camp spot this is the one. Think we will be back. Thanks again Fay and Wayne for the great company.

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