Day Trip’n

Well we have had a few day trips to keep things interesting. Weekend after Easter it was a trip to Robinvale (technically not a day trip) to see the Grand kids and friends.They were camped at Ned’s corner and its not a bad spot. Brad finally caught his murray cod all 75 cm of it. The kids were obviously having fun on the water and we had a pretty good day.

River fun

And games
Last weekend we thought another trip to the Wombat might be nice, we had to pick up the old girl anyway so though it sounded like a plan. A few things ended up changing our plans slightly but it ended up a great day. No 4 wheel driving but we headed for a place called Mt Erth which is a garden in the middle of the wombat. They have a great place and just wandering around the gardens etc was peaceful. They also have a nice coffee shop /cafe but we didn’t stop for any of their fare. We decided to head out along the Trentham – Daylesford rd and came across Lyonville and the radio Springs Hotel and that’s were we stayed till about 5pm. This quirky little pub was fantastic – great meals and we just sat around talking. What a great afternoon and we didn’t really want to leave. It is on our list of places to go back to.The owners are building a 16 seat cinema out the back which should be finished soon and they also have accommodation. Anyone travelling around the area could pick a lot worse spots to this for an afternoon. 
Mt Erth

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