Easter at Waranga Basin 2013

Well Easter was upon us and as we had planned Easter was to be spent at Waranga Basin with the usual cohorts. Wayne and Faye, Peter and Robyn, Wendy, Gaz and Chas and of course us. Well true to form things didn’t quite go to plan. First up our van is cactus at moment and subject to some major repairs. None of which was our fault. Then Wayne and Fay had to pull out so that left the others. We decided to stay at the motel in Rushworth which wasn’t to bad but would have been better if we had been on the lake. Here are a few happy snaps from the weekend. Rushy always has a street parade and market and as usual there were some interesting sites.

Interesting name for a laundry

Yesteryear came to life

anyone we know????
Camp Waranga
There is always coffee

Heading for the old Whroo mine entrance

going through the drive

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