Day 8 Last day at Wilpena Pound

You know there are some things that are just bloody annoying like having to get up at stupid o’clock during the night to go to the dunny. It must be an age thing because everyone our age seems to have the problem but it doesn’t matter how you change your habits the bladder clock will go off anytime between 1am and 4am – every night. I don’t mind a romantic walk in the moonlight but under no circumstance could the nightly dunny walk be considered that. Anyway today was another beaut day and the expected top was about 28deg so we figured the best time for our planned activity today was morning. The 4 intrepid travellers headed of for Arkaroo Rock which is about 25kms south of Wilpena. Pete and Robyn have gone in a different direction guess we will find out where on their return.

The walk from the car park is about 2 hrs return and takes you out to an indigenous cave painting area. I have said on numerous occasions how this place amazes me and it continues to do so. The landscape seemed to change regularly, with an abundance of wildflowers. I must say the usual abundance of fauna was not there to day. We managed to se a few bearded dragons sunning themselves but none of the other usual animals we are used to. The path was rocky and relatively steep in places but wasn’t to difficult. The path raises 100 mtrs at its highest point from the car park. We found the cave and sat for a while quietly soaking in the area. I mean no disrespect but the cave drawings are lost on me, maybe because I don’t understand what they represent especially to their creators. It would have been good if there had been like a story board to explain what we were looking at.  After a while we set off on our return journey, which was much the same as the out bound one. Di and Sharon have just gone crazy on the wild flowers and they seem to be enjoying finding the next colourful flora to photograph and discuss.

This afternoon the girls are doing a bit of scrapbooking while Gaz and I go out to the Solar/Diesel hybrid electricity site for a look. There is a short walk into the area from which you view the facility. There are 76 solar panels which provide electricity to Wilpena resort. These are supplemented by diesel generators. The set up produces enough electricity to power about 30 normal houses and has reduced the environmental impact significantly.

I enjoyed our walk today and thought of young Max he would love the lizards, emus etc.  Not sure whether or not Miss Darcy would be quite so happy.

Well Shaz and I completed a small task with our scrapbooking and by then the boys were back.  So I decided afternoon tea was in order.  Pete & Rob also returned so we made the trek to the café , which was quite enjoyable watching the parrots and having our Lattes.  Gee it is a hard life.  Sandy I am sure you would love it up here the flowers are really lovely. 

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