Day 7 Lazy Daze

Old Homestead

Well this morning another beaut day and the boys headed off to Hawker to have the tyre repaired.  So Shaz and I decided to visit the old Wilpena Station.  It was a 2.3km walk to the Station which we managed quite well.  When we arrived the map was wrong yet again surprise, surprise!  We spent about an hour or so meandering through the paddock looking at the old blacksmiths home & workshop, cemetery, stables, general store etc.  We make it to the homestead only to find we are unable to wander through as they use it for ‘administration’.  However we decided to visit the loos before heading back and on the inside of the toilet door there is a placard with different spiders you might find!! We were almost back to the pound when we were picked up by a couple of strange looking blokes in a blue commodore so we reckon we would have walked about 5 ks today not too bad an effort. 

This afternoon has been very relaxing took a stroll down to the information centre/shop and treated ourselves to coffee and cake. 

As today is Thursday I am missing my Ruby fix but Trace has been good to me and sent me a photo.

Gaz and I had a trip to Hawker as Di has mentioned it turns out the tyre was stuffed – still had the rock in it so we had to buy a new one. I must say I was reasonable surprised I reckon the tyre would be more expensive than at home but this turned out not to be the case. Only other incident for the day was we snapped a wheel stud putting the tyre on – shouldn’t be a big problem got 5 more but will get it fixed back in Hawker next week.

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