Day 9 Wilpena back to Hawker

Another great day dawned and today we move from Wilpena Pound back into Hawker. It is only a short trip (about 50 kms) so there is no rush. We wandered up to the resort for breakfast we as had decided to treat ourselves this morning. Jillaroo breakfast all round (eggs bacon, toast, hash browns and coffee) all very civilised and pleasant to start the day with. Then back to camp to pack and move on to Hawker. We have become quite proficient at packing and setting up and so it was no time at all before we were ready to leave. Which brings me to an interesting point (maybe a concern) as over the last few days we have observed many of our fellow vanners or RVer’s trying to manoeuvre their rigs and to be frank it seems to me many of them should not be let loose with a tonka toy let alone 30ft (4 tonne) of car and caravan. In some cases they are down right dangerous and the team work which is required is sadly lacking – its bloody amazing they can arrive at their appointed destination set up and go about their merry way with out killing each other or some other poor soul who just happens to be near. It has, however, provided us with some amusement.

Sturt Dessert Pea
The trip from Wilpena to Hawker was not that pleasant as the wind had picked up and was gusting up to 50kph but we made it. Reverse in the team sprang into action and not long after we are sitting down to lunch and a relax. The wind stayed around most of the day and was a northerly so the temperature went up and topped at 31.9 so we had a warmish day. We had a trip out to Blinman early in the week chasing Sturt Dessert Pea with no luck. As we pulled into the caravan park here in all its splendour were multitudes of them. We also located them in tubs in the main street of Hawker.
More wild flowers
Old log dray
We had a wander into Hawker before lunch as we had discovered that every Saturday a vendor brings fresh fruit and veg into town and that was to good an offer to overlook. To be honest there wasn’t much left and anything that was left was disappearing fast. It seems this is a very popular attraction on a Saturday but we did manage half a watermelon, mandarins and a few other vegies so it was not all a loss.

The town itself has some wonderful old buildings and nick knacks which we will be investigating over the next few days.

Have you been remembering to look for Dougal?

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