Day 6 Blinman and Brachina Gorge

Today was leisurely with no urgency to do much. We decided that we would pack a lunch and head (with Gaz and Shaz) out to Blinman and then work our way back via the dirt tourist road – if we could decipher the maps! The previous evening Sharon had given herself a headache trying to work out the route. It seems up this way that no two maps are the same and even when they are, there wrong. Any way we set off, picnic in hand, to Blinman. There were a number of photo opportunities on the way, including Stoke’s lookout.
Stoke’s lookout

Great wall of China

We negotiated the short, but rough, road up to the lookout and were not disappointed by the panoramic views of the surrounding hinterland and ranges. The lookout also incorporates a diorama of the Flinders and surrounding ranges. From here we had a short drive to the Great Wall of China and again we are amazed at the variety and intrigue this land scape has to offer. The rock formation, for all intensive purposes, mimic’s the Great wall (not that I have seen it). I should also mention that along the way we have stopped and looked at, photographed and marvelled at a huge range of wild flowers. We actually had a mission today and that was to try to locate a Sturt Desert Pea. We arrived at Blinman in time for coffee and whilst there is not a lot  there it is still a interesting place. With mostly old buildings and a mine tour, art gallery, historic cemetery and coffee.

Duly refreshed we head back towards Wilpena to find the Geological Trail to take us out to Brachina Gorge then south to Bunyeroo Gorge. The road is about 40kms all up of dirt and brings you back onto the bitumen about 10kms north of Wilpena.
Old House Blinman

Entrance to Brachina Gorge

The gorges were not what I expected in that we actually drove through them along the creek bed. We had lunch at a spot about half way through the Brachina gorge then head off to Bunyeroo. We were continually amazed at the changes in vegetation and land as we drove along today and it seemed at every turn we were presented a different aspect. I guess that’s the attraction here. The rock formations and rugged landscapes change constantly.  We got to do a bit of off road driving although the road wasn’t all that bad. Only negative for the day was a puncture early on heading for Brachina Gorge and I think it was my fault (too fast and too much air in the tyres). A lot of the rocks on the road are sharp and pointed and my combination of speed and to much pressure punctured the tyre. We didn’t find a Desert Pea but what the hell we had a great drive.  Also we all treated ourselves to the Bistro for dinner very nice I must say.
Lunch Brachina Gorge

Brachina Gorge

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