Day 5 Hot air and sacred canyons

Every day you wake up, are healthy, have enough to eat and can enjoy the simple things in life is a good day. Some days, however, are better than others. Today was one of those days. We had a little surprise for Di to day, which involved getting up at 4am, then driving 30 kms through kangaroo and emu country. You see we had organised a hot air balloon ride from Rawlings Station for her.

 Di has been up in a balloon before and it was one of life’s highlights and she has been wanting to do it again for a while. We took off from a clay pan about 25 kms from the station, just as the sun began to rise and I must say it was an amazing experience. I have spent more time than the average person in different aircraft and there has never been the sensation that this type of flight gives you. Our flight was just on an hour and gave us a completely different perspective of the Flinders Ranges as well as the surrounding ranges. Our heights varied from ground level to about 1800 meters and ended as any good balloon flight should safely on the ground, albeit in a tipped balloon basket.
Some say you haven’t been ballooning till you land like this. We helped pack and stow the balloon then had champagne and treats for breakfast. We went back to camp and thought we might have a relaxing afternoon but we ended up not that tired so decided to go out to the sacred canyon and rock carvings. This was a short trip with about 15 kms of dirt. Gaz and Chaz can with us as this was not really Commodore country, with Peter and Robyn following. This country is amazing and keeps throwing these little tempters at you from time to time. The canyon was one of these. It was not a long walk or even very strenuous one but provide us with a great afternoon spectacle. Walking up the dry creek bed, through narrow, rocky gorges each different from the previous it was just a fitting way to end a great day.  

Sacred Canyon
A visitor and family

the travelling wilburies

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