Day 14 Last Day at Hawker

Sunrise over the camp

Well we woke this morning to our first overcast day (well Di did I was still snoozing). I had been up at 6.30 (toilet stop) and as I was returning to the van noticed the sunrise first one I have seen these holidays if you don’t count the one when we went in the hot air balloon.  It was not cold just overcast.  Pete & Rob left us at about 9.30ish.  We headed of not long after for Quorn it was to be our last shop and I had requested a visit to the drapery for coffee and cake (Emily’s Bistro Great Northern Emporium)

Kanyaka Homestead Ruins

On the way home we stopped at the ruins of the Kanyaka Homestead. The old homestead which must have been magnificent in its time and quite large.  There were other out buildings, also men’s kitchen, overseers’ quarters, toilet etc.  Like most other settlements it had its own  cemetery.  By all accounts people did not have a long life back in the 1800’s so we need to be thankful for our lives now and how luxurious and easy our lives are today.  This afternoon we decided where we would be staying on the way home and how long. Gaz & Shaz have decided to go onto Mildura and spend a couple of nights.  We are heading to Renmark and then straight home which will give Dave a couple of nights in Bendigo before heading back to the big smoke.

Main House

Dougal we have to go home
Just in case some of you were wondering what Dougal was up to yesterday we decided he could try the new trend of ‘planking’ in the national park. No Martin he did not have a “wedge tail”.

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