Day 10-12 The road to Nelson (Ah the serenity)

We left Robe reasonable early and headed back to Wellington then down through Tailem Bend, Meningie and Mt Gambier then onto Nelson and Prichard’s. This was a bugger of a trip (again) as we ran into wind, rain and hail again. We kept moving so no photos but as we approached Nelson the weather improved and by the time we reached Prichard’s it was warm and clear, but late. 
Camp Nelson

One of our friends


 We set up camp lit the fire and relaxed. Both our vans have 12v so we had no probs with lights etc and the fire and gas kept the hot water up. As I mentioned earlier this was a bit of a trial to see how we could cope in the free camp environment. Gaz and I are pretty used to it as we camp here regularly and I’m happy to report that after 2 nights it was a resounding success so look out. The shower proved to be a success and in fact better than some of the van parks we have stayed in. Prichard’s has a plethora of wild like which roam in and out of the camp constantly. Kookaburra’s, kangaroos, blue and jenny wrens, finches etc etc. These provided endless enjoyment and interest to us not only because they seem untroubled by us but there antics around us. The only down side I can see is there are probably people who will take advantage of this to do them harm. Our 2 nights here have been relaxing and rewarding and as we pack to head home I will be sad to wake up without them around. Gaz and I always enjoy our time here and I am pretty sure Di and Shaz have as well. Ah well back to reality for a while. Di and I will be home for a day then off to Perth which is a combination of work and holiday for me and hopefully R&R for Di. It has been another great trip for the Tagalong Tours group – not long enough as per normal – but planning is well underway for our next sojourn.  D&D

Another friend

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