Day 9 – Last day in Robe

Today was just a lazy day really, tomorrow we head for Prichard’s landing in the Lower Glenelg  national park for a bit of “free” camping. No power, no showers etc so it will be interesting. It’s a bit of a test for the girls to see whether we can set up a “suitable” setup to allow a bit more flexibility in our travels. 
The Obelisk

The “door”

One of the “oldies” of Robe

The building Joan Sutherland
spent time in
We went walking the streets of Robe and there are a lot of old sandstone buildings which are just magnificent. I love these old buildings and most are being looked after. We came across one which had been the home of Joan Sutherland for some time. Many of the buildings have historic plaques on them giving a brief glimpse of the history of each. We also visited the Obelisk which sits on a spit of land by the sea. It was built by a local builder to guide ships into the harbour. It had a few problems in its early history; first being painted white was difficult for the ships to distinguish from the sand. It was then painted red and was difficult to distinguish from the land, in the end it was painted red and white stripes which seemed to solve the problem. The structure is now in danger of collapsing into the sea and there is very little which can be done to protect it from its fate. There was our (by now) obligatory visit to Mahalia’s for coffee and sadly it is our last (but we have some take away beans). Gaz and I did a bit of fishing from the sea wall and managed a couple of tiddlers. We were visited for a while by a very inquisitive young seal who provide us with some light relief for a while. We, obviously, were not as interesting cause he sauntered of into the marina with barely a look back!

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