Getting ready again

Well Xmas is over and we are looking forward for the first outing of the year for us We are trying to have a shake down run to Aysens Reserve for a bit of free camping. The reserve is actually the old Elmore field days site on the Campaspe River. A few of our friends are thinking of heading up as well so it should be good, weather permitting. We have made a few mods to the van which we hope will help make it a better version. Mind you there was nothing really wrong with it. We have pulled all the 12volt electrics out including the battery and moved it into the front boot. Previously all the electrics were installed under the bed, including the battery. The photo is of the new handy work. It was a with a bit of trepidation when I flicked the switch for the first time but all went well. We also replace all the globes with LED lights.. End result with all lights on we draw less than 1.5 amps with 105 amp hour battery well you do the maths. All up with rangehood, pump and hot water we are under 9 amps. I forgot to mention we also had a hot water system installed so we have pretty much finished with the big things I guess so we are looking forward to giving it a go.Will also get to try the new Kayak a run on the river. We also had a few upgrades on the BT 50 ready for our trips. Now have a canopy which makes ute tray much more usable.  This year we are planning on sometime at Waranga Basin then off to Menindee and Broken Hill.

The new 12 volt setup

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