Day 1 Home to Wellington (SA) – Let the games begin!!!

Well we are off again woke at sparrow fart again – our sleeping habits are ridiculous at the moment but to be honest it was great to be on the road again and heading anywhere but Melbourne. We left the oldies to look after each -we will see if they survive each others company.  We headed out through St Arnaud to Dimboola then west to Tailem Bend finishing at a little place on the Murray called Wellington. Today was a driving day really but we stopped a few times.
Park at Border town

 Lunch was at Bordertown and the local bakery was nice and a bit unique. It is actually a building built over a couple of old buildings. There were some pretty expansive garden areas and ponds all very pleasant really. We got into Wellington around 3ish after a trip across on the ferry from east to west on the Murray.  Must say I’m pretty happy with the car and van averaging about 14 ltrs per 100kms fully loaded cruising at about 100 kph. Lots of traffic from about Border town through in both directions but all pretty well behaved. We have Dougal 2012 (the daffodil bear) with us this year again so keep your eye out for him in the photos.

Old port building Wellington

Wellington Ferry

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