Day 2 Wellington to Cape Jervis

Shearers quarters at the station
More of the station

Well I won’t say it was a fantastic sleep but it was better than some we have had. Wellington was a pretty quiet place and we enjoyed a nice meal at the pub looking out over the Murray. We decided on an early night I was feeling a tad weary after the drive. Bugger me if at some stupid hour of the early morning we didn’t get a thunder storm. Just one clap of thunder which I wouldn’t be surprised if it had its epicentre under our van. Shook the van, gave me a jolt and frighten the bejezzus  out of Di.  Then nothing – talk about anticlimax. After brekky as we prepared to leave we struck up a conversation with the couple next to us. They were elderly I would say late 70’s early 80’s and they had been on the road for 6 months and on their way home. Seems the thunder did their constitution no good either. We meandered our way west from Wellington, through Victor Harbour to Cape Jervis to our accommodation for the next few days at least. We are staying at Cape Jervis Station which is a working sheep station with a few cabins, powered and non powered sites. Is very casual and quiet and so far I like it. Very different to the usual van parks. The weather has been off and on between warm and sunny to bloody freezing, rain and wind strong enough to knock you over.  We didn’t do much today other than a bit of a look around Cape Jervis.  What a popular place to stay this has been it is full quota tonight at least for vans not sure about the cabins but it is turning very cold think we will have a cold night tonight!!
Cape Jervis Lighthouse

Some of the locals

More locals

Ferry station

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