The road home

Well its time to pack up and head for home. We had a great trip and had a good time rain and all. The sun is shining as we pack. From here Gaz, Shaz are heading in a different direction.  Di and I will head almost straight home while Gaz will head down the coast so we said our good byes and off we went. We had a slight change of plans early in the trip (not all by design) and went through Newcastle. We ended up going around the wharf area where the coal ships are loaded. Very interesting as was Newcastle – might be worth a closer look on a future trip. We ended up back on the Newcastle freeway near Donaldson.  After that pretty uneventful except for the rain – again. It rained from Donaldson till we got to Gundagai. We planned to stay at Gundagai over night and booked into the van park. Patto’s law kicked in as we came out of the office flat tyre on the van.  The park wasn’t bad but was almost on the Hume freeway was very noisy. Next morning we headed off after getting the tyre fixed and apart from RAIN it was a good trip.
We rated, after some discussion, the amenities at Gundagai a 4. One ply toilet paper just doesn’t cut it. And whilst the standard was good we were spoilt at Anna Bay.
Well our trip started as it ended, raining, but in the end it didn’t matter we had a great time and have seen just a little more of this great country. The pictures are of an Austin 7 and I was wondering what it would have been like to travel this country in one of these little go karts. Now that sounds like a plan!!!!!

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