Anna Bay – Day 4

Today Di and I had a few things we wanted to do. First point of call was the sea rescue base at Tomaree Point. There is a museum, the sea rescue operations centre, a great view and a wonderful coffee shop. We sampled all four areas and whilst the volunteers manning the station were good they could not beat the coffee and scones. Duly recharged we headed for Tomaree point for a bit of walking. You know there are comedians everywhere and this place has its fair share. The walk we chose was listed as “moderate” what they forgot to say was what that meant. Was it moderately hard, moderately easy, moderately difficult etc.
You see in Katoomba they rated the walks similarly I.e easy, moderate, hard or difficult and subtitled with a fitness level. For instance the Fergul steps were difficult and required a good level of fitness. The walk we chose was moderate so off we toddle blissfully unaware of the comedian. This walk would have rated the same as the Fergul steps in Katoomba – it had just as many blood steps and as steep. But we made it and were rewarded by the most magnificent views of the Nelson Bay area. Oh I forgot to mention the snake which slowed our progress. A 1.5 meter diamond python decided it was going to share the path with us. Di had other ideas and we nearly never made the top but Bardi Grub Patto stepped in and we coaxed the rather spectacular python to increase his distance between Di and our direction of travel and onward we went. The descent was uneventful except for a rather large monitor or goanna which we did not see but were assured by the rather excited couple, on the side of the path, existed. After that the day was rather uneventful, lunch at NSW best fish and chip shop (that’s what the sign said) back to the van and a walk up to the Buribi SLSC to see the sand dunes (because they are not your every day sand hills)

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