Katoomba – Nelson Bay (Anna bay)

You know sometimes you just have to wonder who you have pee’d off so bad that they take great joy in retribution. It poured all night in Katoomba and I know it’s a long time since some of us have seen a good shower of rain and I should be grateful the drought has broken but why on the 2 weeks we decide to go away is my question. It was still raining when we got up, and after we had a wonderful breakfast as we hooked up the vans, infact it didn’t stop all the way to Anna Bay. So we pulled on to our camp site and hibernated. It couldn’t get any worse I guess (the weather that is) No photos to day didn’t even open the bag.
Nelson Bay – Day 1
Well it didn’t get worse but it didn’t get any better until lunch time. Rained and blew a gale all night and they say rain on a tin roof is romantic go figure. We headed into Nelson Bay and had a walk around the town and then drove a long the bay inland for quite a way. We couldn’t get out of the car – guess why it was pouring. The gods smiled on us about lunch time and we spied a little blue sky. We had a little cleaning and maintenance to do on the van so that was the first priority in for the fine weather. Gaz and I then had a stroll along the beach checking out the scenery (and likely fishing spots). There is an orange algae in the water up here at the moment which could account for the dozens of dead birds on the beach. The sea was quite rough and choppy and you could sea the orange tinge in the white water. Guess if we catch anything it will be catch and release. I wouldn’t fancy being in the same company as the birds. Weather is supposed to improve again tomorrow so we will see what transpires.
We have rated the ensuite an 8 which is quite high but it deserves it. Di has deducted points because it is raised off the ground and there are 3 steps to get to the landing (yes it has a landing). Di has become unforgiving of stairs or steps since her little mishap.  They are clean and quite new. There is also 2 ply toilet paper and a mop, bucket, broom, brush and shovel. Very important when half the sand in Anna Bay seems to stick to your boots.

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