Anna Bay – Day 2

Well today the weather gods smiled we had a glorious day. Di and Shaz decided that they would have a girls day so Gaz and I had a blokes day (said in a very deep voice for effect). We headed out to fighter world which is attached to Williamtown air force base. They have a good collection of fighter aircraft which we could view and climb around.
 There were even a couple of cockpit sections of fuselage which you could get into and sit in the pilot seat. For someone a bit keen on planes it was all very nice. David the manager there was a wealth of knowledge on the history of each. Most of the exhibits are part of the Point Cook museum and they had planes from New Zealand, Korean and Indian air forces. We spent most of the morning poking and prodding around the exhibits. There is also a viewing platform which looks out over the airfield and today the F18 hornets were in action. They were just awesome to watch and very loud.
Di and Shaz ended up at the macadamia nut farm which was not that far from fighter world. Unfortunately it is not the right time of the season so not much was happening but I did see a photo of the morning tea and it looked pretty good and then a spot of scrap booking I believe.
After lunch it was a fishing expedition for Gaz and I. The break water looked pretty good and so we ventured on. We caught a few, which all were returned to the water (except for the ones the pelicans caught as we released our catches). These bloody pelican must have eyes in their bums they could spot a hookup from the other end of the break water and would be on top of your catch as you reeled in. They would literally be coming at you as you unhooked. No keepers for us but very pleasant. The girls had a relaxing afternoon building up their vitamin B in the sunshine.

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