Day 6 Eucla to Balladonia (or there about’s) 146.6 kms of straight road

We left Eucla a bit earlier than expected, the bloody time zones are murder on the body clock and that’s if you remember to change the time on your phone, watch, microwave and every other conceivable gadget that has the time on it. Today it’s been mainly driving and hadn’t really picked a spot to stop. In the end it was near Balladonia, in a roadside camp area, which is almost at the end of the longest straight section of road in Australia, all 146.6kms of it. I was never so happy to at least turn the steering wheel when we pulled in. There was very little in the way of tourist action for us but there are many things to see if you had the time. We pulled into an overnight stop area for morning tea and then Caiguna for lunch. Today we treated ourselves and purchase takeaway which was good, no coffee and an attendant that looked very familiar and needed a personality transplant. Guess working out here requires a “special” person. We ended up about 40kms east of Balladonia at a free camp for the night

Free camp Balladonia

Free camp Balladonia

Sunset over free camp Balladonia

Variety club bash participants

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