Day 4 Myponga – Dejavue

Morning Delight

Today we rose to another nice day and contemplated the multitude of options open to the wind swept and interesting people that we are (you all may stop sniggering now). There were two sort of loose options we had and in the end we elected to head up to Hahndorf. Now this necessitated a return to yesterday’s travels in that to get to Hahndorf we had to go back through Normanville and Myponga. Just north of Myponga we turned on to B34 which took us up through the back blocks to Hahndorf. It was well after morning tea time so coffee and cake seemed to be in order at one of the many eateries, suffice to say it was very nice. I’m sure the photo is self explanatory. Hahndorf hasn’t changed much since we were last here so there is not much to report. 
Main St of Hahndorf
We had a bit of a walk around and let a few hard earned $$ change hands and spent a few hours in the town. An observation though the town seems to be giving up some of the Germanic heritage for which it is noted. At the moment it is very subtle but its there. Chinese, Indian and an Indian/Asian combination that came 2nd in some state competition.  Some of the traditional German influence is also being replaced by a more cosmopolitan retail sector.  It was then on home to wait for Gaz & Shaz to arrive with a slight detour to Rapid Bay. This is very picturesque spot, except for the remnants of the old quarry and is a good fishing spot for a number of species including squid. It is also the home of the leafy sea dragon and is popular with divers and fisho’s alike.  We met a couple of fellow travellers from NSW and had an early happy hour while waiting for Gaz to arrive. The place is pretty full to night with a variety of travellers, some on motor bikes, small vans, big vans and even an old guy from Perth living out of his Mitsubishi  Colt. Which is a bit of a worry for us after he asked s to check and make sure he was still breathing in the morning!!  

Rapid Bay Jetty
Hole in the wall – Rapid Bay

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