Day 5 Tourist route and 4WD

Hindmarsh Terraces
Hindmarsh Terraces

Over breakfast we decide today we would do the tourist route, which went up to Myponga (there it is again) then we deviated. Gaz and Shaz hadn’t been up to Myponga so they were able to see a bit of new scenery. We headed south east from Myponga with our first destination Hindmarsh Terraces water fall. It was a couple of kms off the main bitumen along a dirt road then a short walk. It was well worth the effort, although not a lot of water over the falls, for a nice and peaceful start to the day. The falls cascade down over a series of ledges so hence the “tiers”. Back onto the bitumen for a few Kms then we turned to head for Glacier Rock, about a 10 km drive. Glacier Rock is a bit of a surprise  mainly because there is this most pleasant café in the middle on nowhere – bugger all else. We didn’t venture in but were tempted a short walk from the carpark was glacier rock which apparently was dumped there 450 million years ago by a glacier from Kangaroo Island. It is in the middle of a small stream but with much of the rock face exposed.  
Glacier Rock
Read the sign on the middle door
After Glacier Rock we decided lunch might be in order and with pre prepared picnic in hand we stopped at a place called Inman Valley. Now it is a quaint little town but not much there apart from a nice place to picnic. It does, however, seem a bit quirky as the picture shows (look closely at the toilet block) brings a whole new meaning to sending brown parcels.  Lunch out of the way we headed of to Ingalalla Falls and conservation area. This would have been not a bad place for lunch either. A short walk to the falls then back to the car. These falls, although very nice were not as nice as the Terraces. On the road again we headed for a place called boat harbour. There was a fair bit of dirt road which was reasonable until we reached the unmanned ranger point. There was a 4WD track to a place called boat harbour. Now we had a 4WD and a permit so this was made for us. We had gone about 500 mtrs  when we ran into the rangers clearing the track. I would appear as though the track was just opened after the winter closure (not 15 minutes earlier). They advised we could continue but didn’t know the condition of the track. Gary has a new Prado which has every known button in 4WD technology and we used most. Whilst the road would be considered by some hardened 4WD  as a walk in the park to us uninitiated it was a challenge. In the end we got to Boat Harbour, loved the drive and were given a glimpse of some fantastic scenery. Gaz is pretty thrilled as he got to give the new wheels a bit of a test. After that the trip home was mundane really. Ahh well tomorrow we move on to Robe –  maybe we can get on the beach!!!
Boat Harbour

Grass Tree – Boat Harbour

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