Day 3 Strahan by walking track

Well today we woke to a great day with the morning a bit cool but the day ended up pretty warm. We had a couple of things we had planned to do but my luck continued to be nonexistent. The activities were to be a trip on the wilderness train and then a cruise up the Gordon River. Well the rail mob have lost our booking  and at first engagement was now fully booked so no cigar. Persistence and the great young girl (thanks Felicity) at the activity centre managed to get us on the train, in cattle class. That pushed us out a day as the only day they had bookings on the cruise was Friday. Friday we are due to head for Hobart.

View from the coffee stop

Anyway today we meandered the streets of Strahan and its a pleasant, friendly little town with coffee shops and eateries along the wharf area. Di and I had our obligatory walk and coffee this morning, took mum in for lunch and a bit of a drive then back to have a relax for the day.
 Life is hard I guess we could call it a preparation day for tomorrow. 

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