Day 2 Stanley to Strahan

Well we all slept well in our more than acceptable accommodation and dinner last night wasn’t all that shabby either. Unfortunately Di’s sleep was interrupted on a number of occasions by my snoring – must have been the wine I had with dinner. We headed off about 9ish and took mum on a bit of a tour of Stanley to show her some of the old buildings, the Nut and some of the other sites.  
Morning Tea on the Western Explorer road
From there we headed for Strahan. Now I decided that the bitumen road was too easy so I opted to go via Dismal Swamp, Arthur River, Corinna and Zeehan using the Western Explorer Road. That’s 250 km’s of dirt. Whilst it was a bit rough it was a great experience and showed a whole different landscape of Tassie. There is not much in the way of amenities including fuel along the route. We stopped at a gem called Corinna. 
Corinna Pub
There is a pub/general store with both free and normal camping on the river. You have to also take the punt across the river to continue your journey. We had lunch at the pub and I have to say (consensus of opinion) they were the best roast beef sandwiches I (us) have ever had. I would love to spend a few days here at some stage unfortunately I doubt it will be in Abby (new van) she is not an off roader.
Corinna Ferry (The Fatman Barge)
We never had a theme for this trip but it seems one has presented itself after yesterdays sign about irrigated roads. We have found a couple more today one about Warning of eagles on roads and the other, at first glance, indicated mating rites between cars and kangaroos after dark!!!!  You be the judge. I must have too much time on my hands. Di had a visual encounter with one of her nemesis’s  – a black snake about 1 ½ meters long heading across the road just before Corinna. We made Strahan about 3.30 and our digs for the next 3 days look pretty good. 
The mating sign ???

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