Day 25 Albany – Paddling in the sea

Today we headed in the opposite direction to yesterday and headed to Two Peoples Bay and Little Beach. Pretty much all we wanted was a quiet day and we succeeded in that. The bays were spectacular with the sand brilliant white and the water clear and blue.
Two peoples bay

Little Beach

Wildflower Little Beach
We scooted around a few of the lookouts and finally made Little beach around 11 ish. We paddled and walked along this beautiful beach until lunch time and then sat on the beach and had lunch. All very nice and relaxing, Di even managed to get her feet wet. A fitting end to the day or so we thought. Gaz, Laura and I decided on a spot of fishing at the break water. Laura bagged a reasonable bream and Gaz a calamari. Me, well I almost had a fair sized cuttlefish, operative word almost. Ah well at least I don’t have to clean anything.

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