Day 20 Pemberton and Yeagarup sand dunes

The Yeagarup Forest, lake and sand dunes in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park are a site to behold. The dunes are the biggest land locked, mobile dunes in Australia and move a couple of metres each year, inland. You are permitted to drive over them and it provides beach access. A challenge we could not pass up. We made it there and back without getting bogged, although the BT50, at times, resembled a bulldozer. I also may have been a bit exuberant in my attacking the dunes on the way in. 

Yeagerup Dunes

Yeagerup Dunes

images from heartbreak trail

Heartbreak trail

 This lead to some lengthy discussions on my driving prowess and detracted somewhat from the otherwise pleasant experience. Lost a few brownie point I did, however, I took the critique on board and the return journey was acceptable. We captured a fair bit on the Gopro and I must say the footage provides a better perspective even if its upside down. (I forgot to invert the camera image – more lost brownie points). From there it was on to the Warren National Park and we followed Heartbreak trail through the park. This is a very picturesque track and was a fitting end to the day. Tomorrow its on the road again.

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