Day 19 Augusta – Pemberton. Has the weather final broken?

Our brief stay at Augusta has come to an end and we are moving on to Pemberton. It’s only a short hop (as in fact our next few will be) of about 140 kms. There are a couple of stops for us on the way for a bit of sightseeing. The first was Beedelup Falls in the Beedelup National Park. With all the rain etc we have had the falls were in full flight and quite spectacular. We walked the loop track, which returned by a swing bridge across the falls back to the car park. It was a great spot and a refreshing stop on our travels. Onward to Pemberton and it would appear that the weather may be on the improve with only a few light showers so far. We decided to stay at the Pemberton Caravan Park for two nights and checked in just after lunch. This afternoon we decided that we would have a look at the Gloucester Tree.  
Beedelup Falls

Guess Who???

Beedelup Falls swing bridge

Gloucester Tree

Gaz and Laura on the decent
The Gloucester Tree was chosen as a fire lookout in 1947, one of a network of lookouts built in the Karri forest between 1937 and 1952. The Gloucester Tree was named after the then Governor-General of Australia, His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, who was visiting Pemberton as the lookout was being built. Today, visitors can climb up the 61m to see one of the most spectacular views of the Karri forest.  Gaz and Laura accepted the challenge to climb on behalf of the group with me at bottom supervising and planning (in the event assistance was required). They made the accent and decent without a hitch and were duly applauded for their efforts – it was no mean feat. A number of others attempted while we were there and each successful trip was greeted with applause. I made 8 steps and was well satisfied! And that about finished our day.

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