Day 2 Renmark to Port Augusta

Renmark is always a nice interlude to our trips this way. Nice park, nice people and great location. We were up at our usual time and took our time packing and still managed to leave by about 8.3o We headed up B64 to Port Augusta through Stanely,  Crystalbrook and Pt Pirie and got into Pt Augusta just on 3pm.. Not one of my best trips once we cleared the mystery town, after a morning tea of kitchener buns and tea/coffee we hit a brick wall, well not technically, the wind came up you see and it was gale force and either head on or side on all the way to Crystalbrook. The car and van performed well but I think the fuel consumption will make me weep. The buns for morning tea rated well but our meal and coffee at Crystalbrook was so so. 
The kitchener buns

Where’s Dougal?

I love some of these old SA buildings
Very disappointing after our May visit. I still haven’t figured out what so so actually looks like on the scale, I guess Di will enlighten me in the fullness of time, but I guess it’s not good as we left half her coffee.
We are in Pt Augusta for 2 nights waiting for Gaz, Shaz and Laura so the blog will start in earnest from now. Tomorrow we are going out to look at the arid gardens, the only thing we have planned so far.

So where is Dougal? As mentioned it was our morning tea stop and we have talked about it before on other trips and is often used as a boys name. No one has guessed the first one yet.

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