Day 1 Bendigo to Renmark

Well we are on the road again and it would be fair to say we aren’t too unhappy with that. We left home around 8ish and travelled up the Calder through Charlton, Wycheproof, Redcliff’s then across to Werrimull and Renmark. Not a lot to say we really were just trying to put some miles (sorry Kilometres) under our belt.
We stopped at Charlton for morning tea and Di has decided this trip to rate food stops. So in light of that our first stop for coffee was Charlton at the bakery. The rating was so so I’m guessing there is room for improvement. Coffee wasn’t hot  (hot should be 75 to 80 deg) and not all that nice. On the up side apparently Wendy’s party pies were good. Lunch was well you have to guess where we had lunch. First up Dougal, see if you can guess where he is, I haven’t made him hard to find and the clue is.
 “He enjoyed the slice so much he reckons it’s an award winner” .

Dougal Where are you???
Sunset over the mighty Murry Renmark

Bakery for lunch was pretty good with nice fare and I met a couple of old work colleagues from Mildura. The road has been pretty good today and not a lot of traffic and we arrived in Renmark about 1500 hrs local time and it took about 45 min to set up the van and the tent for Wendy. Tomorrow we are off to Port Augusta via Burra and Crystal brook for a couple of days while we wait for Gaz, Shaz  and Laura to catch up. 
Camp for the night

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