Day 16 Wild weather and culinary delights – Busselton

Well the weather is still unkind, with close to gale force winds, rain and heavy squalls it’s the one thing we can’t change (the weather) and probably for good reason. Today’s plan involved again mainly indoor activities so we piled into Gaz’s Prado and set forth towards Busselton. Our intention was to have a look at the pier which extended 1.8km’s out, however as we pulled up next to a market that became the priority. So into the market we plunged for a look see. 
Busselton Jetty

Wildflower on our walk

 The market out of the way we walked over to the jetty. It was still blowing a gale and with intermittent rain showers we decided that a walk out and back was not a priority for us. Di and I headed into the info centre near the entrance and discovered it had a 4 storey look out attached and for $2 we could climb to our hearts content. I got a few shot of the pier in all its glory from this vantage point. It would have been nice if we could have gone out on the pier but it was not to be. I didn’t get a shot of Dougal either he got blown off. We have recovered him but I wasn’t tempting fate anymore. From the pier we had a bit of a look around Busselton with our next destination just out town

Sunset over Yalingup

 The old Cheddar Cheese company sounded interesting and for cheese lovers it is. Very pleasant and helpful staff, good tasting and VERY reasonable prices and with the added bonus of a little café. We came away a bit lighter in our wallets but satisfied ( Next stop was the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and a walk out to the point from the lighthouse. It was about 1km each way and pretty easy but for the squalls. We all got a little wet but the views from below the lighthouse were spectacular – especially with the heavy seas. There were also lots of wildflowers out which made the walk all that much better. Last stop on the journey home was Eagle Bay olives. Again very friendly people and very nice produce. The owner has even given me some tips on processing my own olives and has shared her recipe. Then it was back to the van. Tomorrow we head for Augusta for a couple of nights and hopefully a break in the weather.

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