Day 15 Yallingup – Margaret River

Overnight the weather deteriorated significantly with some pretty wild weather forecast. It has been raining heavily and wild squalls. Planning meeting this morning concluded we would head to Margaret River as most of the things down there are indoors. So we visited Margaret River Chocolate as we had been told there was no other place for chocolate. 
Laura and friend Yallingup van park

Di and I our new look

SES recruitment drive

Wild seas
They certainly have it down pat and the variety of goods, including chocolate, walking out the door in peoples clutches was incredible. We purchase a modest quantity and road tested many others. Next was nougat and wine at Margaret River Nougat (I pass on the nougat) and we had the opportunity to watch it being made. It was then into Margaret River for a stroll (between down pours) and a variety of craft shops.  Craft shops and lunch over we headed out to the berry farm. Again a sumptuous array of jams, chutney’s etc and a few more items added to the larder. Coffee and muffins in the small provedore attached to the berry farm (rated at very good). By now it was getting on home time so the short (but windy and wet) trip back to Yallingup to end another successful day. Took a few photos along the beach on the way back of a very angry sea. Could be a rough night tonight for us but rougher for Wendy and Laura in the tents.

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