The Van is Back – Long live the Van but stuff A’van

Well its been a while since we had a post – but then we haven’t been anywhere (except the US with its technology issues) but it is a time to perhaps expect a little cheer. After 8 months we have our van back and it looks pretty good – no thanks to A’van. They (A’van) seem to have a good product but their after sales service would make an Indian call center look good. If we ever buy another van it won’t be an A’van as long my arse is pointing at the ground.

What I can’t understand is surely they realise the ‘vanning or grey nomad fraternity talk, I mean isn’t there a happy hour every night, and you should never underestimate the “word of mouth” impacts. Anyway here is a picture of the rig on its first day back. Bring on holidays is all I can say ……………………….. see you out there somewhere

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