Our theme for this trip

Last trip as many would know we had a bit of a theme running and it seemed pretty popular to the multitude of followers of our blog (last count about 5 people). So this time we have been urged to do the same by our ardent and loyal followers. With that in mind we tried to figure out what to do this time and we have decided its to be “where’s Dougal”. For those that are not familiar with Dougal he is the Daffodil Day bear and we are using last years. In at least one photo on each post while we are away Dougal will be in it, all you have to do is find him. The person with the most correct entry will receive a prize of some sort. I was suggesting a rock from the Skytrek Track  duly autographed all members of Di and Dave’s Tagalong tours, however, Di is not convinced this is at all appropriate so we will have to come up with something. A photo of Dougal will be forthcoming so you know what you are looking for.  For those that follow Sue and Ian’s blog – no I didn’t steal their idea – I merely used it as reference and research, anyway we aren’t on a pub crawl. Anyway its Daffodil day on the 26th Aug so go and buy something and support them (web http://www.daffodilday.com.au/content/daffodil-day-facts)  Below is this years bear, Dougal the Super Hero.

And this is Tagalong tours “Dougal” in his Mambo top for our trip.

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