Katoomba – Day 5

What can I say today we woke to another (ho hum) reasonable day. We slacked off today and sat around talking to Gaz and Shaz till nearly 10 and then we had some tough decisions – should we go for a walk, should we go back to the gardens and walk or which track, lookout or water fall should we do today. The decisions we need to make. Before anything could happen though I had to photograph Ken the park curator. A very interesting and funny man with only one down fall he is a mad keen collingwood supporter. The photo is of his office, Ken was supposed to be in the shot with his scarf but he dodged so we only got the office. His wife tells me that most of the collingwood decorations have gone but she hasn’t been able to get the collingwood donna cover off the bed. Collingwood supports what a bunch. This information is for Maxi at Kerang who unfortunately is also a collingwood supporter. In the end Di and I headed off west along the cliff road, found a dirt road and kept driving. It was a pleasant trip although we jarred Di’s jaw a few times. The picture is of the facilities they provide site seers with around here, all very civilised and comfy.
After our “off road excursion” we headed up to Blackheath to the Rhododendron Gardens again for a leisurely stroll through more of the gardens. Di made the comment that Aunty Pearl would have loved it and I’m sure where ever she is it probably resembles something like this. And the ladies at the kiosk serve wonderful scones with jam and cream as well. From there it was east again to the Leura Cascades and a stroll to the bottom. The walk brings you out at the cliff face just above the falls.
We found a few fungi which made Di happy. From the Cascade we headed for Wentworth falls. Two things happened to end our quest for yet another falls walk: 1) David’s navigation failed again and we ended up at the Wentworth lake and 2) the thunder final provided a down pour so we cut our losses and headed for Leura Township for lunch and met up with Gaz and Shaz. A pleasant fare we had and thought a walk along the shopping precinct would be good, until the heavens opened. Time to return to the camp and so ended another day of toil and sweat. Oh how the other half live.

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