Katoomba – day 3

Well if yesterday was bad today was brilliant. Gaz and Chaz turned up late yesterday and we decided if the weather was good we would do the scenic railway etc. What a fantastic morning (after a good nights sleep). After purchasing our discovery tickets, which entitled us to a return trip on each of the three modes of transport, we set off.
Our first trip was on the cable car across the Katoomba Falls Gorge. The view into the gorge was spectacular with Katoomba Falls in full flight. The cable car stretch 500 meters across the valley at a maximum height of 250 meters above the valley floor. I tested my nerve and walked across the glass floor mid way across – I have conquered another barrier. Di followed damn we are becoming dare devils. Apparently the car was used in an episode of the biggest loser when they had to descend on rope ladders. From there it was the scenic railway. At first glance a formidable structure with huge grab rails and metal mesh on the side and roof. Once we went over the edge all became apparent. At the steepest point you are 2 shades short of vertical and down you go through the bowls of the rock. In retrospect, for my liking, the tow cable should have been double the size. And then we returned – backwards. This was and is the original scenic rail that has operated since day one, albeit the carriages have been modernised and “improved”.  Pictures and words are not a justifiable means of conveying this place, not only on these engineering feats but the Blue Mountains in general – a very cathartic place and one that we will have fond memories of. Back to our third mode of transport  – the sky rail. Not dissimilar to the cable car only this doesn’t go across it goes down and up on a very steep angle. From the scenic railway and the skyrail you can get off at the bottom and there are walking trails every where around the valley. The main ones are suspended board walks and the four of us meander around soaking it all in, stopping to sit and contemplate every 15 minutes or so. We also followed the trail to the old coal mine site which gave a bit of the areas rich history. From my point of view I’m very happy the coal mines are no longer here but the mountains are.

Di on the only horse she is ever likely to ride. The other picture is of a rock formation called the 3 sisters. It is an indigenous story of three sisters but I’m not writing it here as there are a number of different versions.

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