Day two – Still in Wodonga

Well we woke to the news that the Hume had been cut at Holbrook so we made the decision to stay put another night which was a small logistical issue as we had to push all our bookings out a day. The “wonderful “ proprietor told us how much extra work it had caused her and Di’s current favourite phrase almost made it out of my mouth. Suck it up princess I was thinking. I have decided on this tour I need a hobby so I am going to rate all the ablutions blocks and ensuites at the places we stay. I think a scale of 10 would be good with 1 “we would have been better with a shower tent and plastic bottle to 10 the absolute epitome of luxury”.  At our current abode I would rate 3. The garden shed they call our “ensuite” has been divided into 4 equal sections with plywood and 100 mile an hour tape. The exhaust fan is so noisy that you expect to have foot straps and seat belts so you don’t get sucked out the vent. There is a reason, I believe, for this it’s so anyone else who may be using theirs will not get embarrassed by toilet noise. On the plus side there is plenty of hot water.
The weather is still deciding what to do but we have had some blue sky. I thought I might do a bit of maintenance this morning on the van so off we toddled to get some supplies. We came across a farmers market at the info centre and a local was selling waratahs so a flower shot for Di. After lunch we headed for the Hume weir. We had been told it was nearly over the spill way so we thought we would go take a peak. It wasn’t quite there but hasn’t far to go. The rooster tail from the hydro plant was pretty impressive. As you can tell looking at Di it was hot and dusty out at the dam. Don’t care if we have to put pontoons on the van we are out of here tomorrow.

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