Day 5, 6 and 7 Streaky Bay – Ahh the serenity

So we made Streaky Bay and our original plan was to stay 3 nights but we have decided on an extra night as there are a few things to see around here. Day one was a bit of a late start as we caught up on a bit of housekeeping. Into town for a few groceries and, of course, a coffee. 

Sunrise over Streaky Bay
Streaky Bay has a pretty good shopping centre for a town this size and the people are friendly. It was decided we would do the Cape Baeur loop in the afternoon. This is a small tourist loop which follows the coast just out of Streaky Bay. Although it was dirt it was pretty easy and could be done by 2 wheel drive. We had a couple of small  4×4 sojourns but nothing to difficult.
Umm humans
We saw quite a few great sites and interesting flora and fauna. We made it back at a reasonable hour and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.
Thursday we retraced our steps along the loop road to a 4wd track into the mangroves. It turned out to be pretty mundane and reasonable short.
Cape Bauer Loop

More of the Cape Bauer drive

We retraced our steps and went out to back beach which was a bit of a surprise with some great coastal scenery. The afternoon was spent out on the bay in the Kayaks. It was like a billiard table and just brilliant. We managed a few Australian Salmon but all were returned unharmed. A fitting end to a great day with coffee and port for Gaz and I. We will sleep well tonight

Friday we headed off to Sceale Bay and onto Point Labett and the resident seal lion colony. It was a fantastic short trip (bit over 100kms) with a mix of sand, dirt and bitumen roads. It lived up to expectations with some amazing scenery, landscapes and coastal features. It amazes me the number of people who “don’t stop to smell the roses” and proceed to say there was nothing there. We have multitudes of pictures, ahh moments and great memories. 
Westall Way loop road

Granite Rocks

More Granite Rock pools

Moving sand dunes

Sea Lion colony

Pt Labett
And quirky stuff like the toilet at Sceale Bay which is named Camelot and built out of local rock and in the traditional stone laying techniques. Fair enough not all that quirky, except that when you sit you are facing a pillbox widow facing out over the bay. Not too many houses can boast a view like this. The seal colony at Pt Labett was lazing in the sun with a few you seals frolicking in the rock pools. We were afforded a pretty good view from the viewing platform and made the trip all that more enjoyable. On the trip down and indeed on our return we were amazed at the number of Stumpy Tail lizards out and about. 

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