Day 4 Goulburn – Katoomba Epilogue

Di was convinced as we left Goulburn that today was not going to be a good one. Her reasoning stemmed from the bad start to the day. We decided that the Maca’s McCafe just down the road would offer a treat (as if Maca’s is a treat) and we were looking forward to the morning latte. We got a capalatte which is my way of saying a cold cappuccino with enough chocolate on top to make a couple of freddo frogs. Very disappointing clown man. The” barista” was in need of a personality transplant.  So off we toddle on our way and as we neared Penrith I decided I needed a drink and we would get some fuel. It was my turn to have a melt down with another personality challenged attendant. The rest of the day wasn’t too bad or so we thought – never let your guard down. We had turned in for the night when the call of the ablutions block got to Di. In transit the ground and Di,s chin collided. I heard a faint call at the door and went to investigate to find Di with a palm covered in blood. It would be fair to say I used quite a bit of my first aid skill although I suspect Di wouldn’t use the word skill. After that there was no more excitement –just as well.

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