Day 3 Peterborough to Wilpena Pound

Well we woke at reasonable time but didn’t get away from Peterborough till about 9.15 the social butterflies that we are spent a fair bit of time chewing the fat with a number of our fellow travellers. It’s amazing the diversity and variety of people who just stop and have a chat. It’s also amazing the variety of destinations they seem to be heading. Each has their own story or anecdote or question which invariably leads on to other conversations. It’s a wonderful kaleidoscope of  views, ideas  and general chit chat. So we said good bye to Peterborough and headed for wilpena. Pretty easy trip of about 200kms and relatively uneventful except for the reversing camera on the van coming of its bracket about 3kms from Wilpena. The galvanised screws had rusted through but wasn’t too much of a concern. The roads again were pretty good albeit a few hills. From Hawker out to the pound is about 50kms and has a significant population of emus and kangaroo who have no brains or road sense so we took the trip with a little more caution. Wilpena camping area is not at all what I expected, although I don’t know what I really expected. It’s a nice place, very picturesque and the view from our “patio” would be worth a fortune. We had a pretty relaxing afternoon chilling out and had a couple of short walks while we waited for our fellow travellers to arrive.  We have all set up camp now and it will be pretty quiet (and chilly) night I think.

Hey Sandy have you found Dougal yet?

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