Day 23 Walpole to Albany – Cider and Mead

Today we moved on from Walpole, destination Albany around 130km so not a big drive. We got away about 9.30 ish and meandered our way through the forest. 
Elephant Rock Cidery – Where’s Dougal?

Old timber boat fully restored Denmark WA

View from the caravan window

First stop was the the Elephant Rock Cider company. We tasted a few ciders and local produce made a few purchases and headed off once more. Only a few km’s down the road was our next stop. There are a number of these places around South west WA and it’s taken some time to find one open. The attraction in question is a meadery which is making wine from honey. Mead is wine made from honey rather than grapes and is the oldest fermented beverage known to man. It can be traced back at least 5,000 years dating back through antiquity to Nordic legends and non-mythological history. During these times the bee was held in high regard as honey was considered ‘the giver of life’, courage, strength and wisdom. It is different and I think an acquired taste, which I didn’t acquire never the less a worthwhile experience. Denmark came over the horizon shortly thereafter and we stopped for coffee and a break. This is  a nice little town and one that would have been worth a longer visit. On the road again and it was pretty much straight to the caravan park at Emu point, which is a suburb of Albany. The park is right on King George Sound where it meets Oyster Harbour. Not a bad outlook for us trailer folk. It was a bit wind and cold on our arrival so the afternoon was pretty relaxed.

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