Coffin Bay – What a great place

It was only about 160kms to Coffin Bay so there was no urgency today. We packed and got away about 10ish and though we would make Coffin Bay in time to set up and head into Pt Lincoln for lunch. Not so we lost a little time not far from Venus Bay when Gaz had a small mishap with his van which took us a bit of time to fix. Wasn’t too bad though we made Elliston for coffee and Coffin Bay for lunch then headed into Pt Lincoln for some stores. The van park (as with most we have stayed at) is pretty good directly opposite the bay. We had a bit of a planning session for the next few days and if the tide is right tomorrow we will head up into the Coffin Bay national park. There is a 6hrs return trip to Pt Sir Isaac. About half way along the track you need to do about 6 kms along the beach which can only be done 1hr each side of low tide.
On our way to Pt Sir Isaac Coffin Bay NP

Pt Sir Isaac beacon

Beach drive to Pt Sir Isaac

More of the Beach Coffin Bay NP

So the day broke as a pretty good one so we headed of early. We had to be at the beach entrance for the run up the beach, do the inland leg to the point and be back on the beach an hour after low tide. Now that may sound easy enough as the last leg, once we got off the beach on the outward leg, was only about 24kms round trip. However this is a 4wd track and had just about everything from sand, rock, steep ascent and descent, wash a ways etc. I was all 1st and 2nd gear work. We made it to the Pt Isaac light. The national park has some magic places to stop off and take in the scenery. We had a ball and would have loved to stay a bit longer but the time (and the tide) were against us. Once of the beach on the return we stopped for lunch at a great little rest area which looked back alone the bay a rocky out crop.
Our lunch spot

view from our lunch spot

 How lucky are we that we can do this. Coffin Bay national park is a fantastic place.

Friday was just a lazy day sitting around talking with a little fishing thrown in. We didn’t put the yak’s in as there has been a white pointer sighting in the bay and best not to tempt fate. Only sort of downer for day was while fishing off the pier, had a bite which took rod and reel into the drink before I had time to react. Not fussed about the rod but it was one of my good reels. Tomorrow is our last leg as we head into Pt Lincoln for a week then home.

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